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Dress length is the length from transition between shoulder and neck and down to the hemline of the dress. Dress length is sometimes reffered to as hemline (but then it is most often measured from the floor and up.)


Mini dresses can be found in formal or casual dress styles. Tea-length: This length of dress can reach from just below the knee to mid-calf. Tea-length dresses are typically designed with a fuller party skirt. Knee-length: To be considered knee-length, a dress should reach within an inch or two above or below the knee. Many styles fall to the ...


The Formal Definition. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a tea-length dress is one whose hemline falls "above the ankle and below the knee." Originally, the tea hem fell just above the ankle, but the modern tea-length dress is more likely to hit 3 to 4 inches above the ankle, in the mid-calf region.


Extending for a length of 5-7 feet behind the dress, this semi-formal to formal train is a mix of chapel and cathedral-length. Watteau. Attaches at your shoulders or the top of your back (yes, like a cape) and falls most often to the bottom hem of your dress, but may also be designed to reach just a little bit beyond the hem.


Maxi dresses (c.1970) - maxi is a term used since the late 1960s for ankle-length, typically informal dresses. [58] Midi dress - a “midi” is used to refer to any dress or skirt that has a hem which hits at mid-calf – halfway between the knee and ankle.


A cocktail dress is a dress suitable at semi-formal occasions, sometimes called cocktail parties, usually in the late afternoon, ... By the mid-1920s, hemlines of dresses were just below the knee rather than ankle-length, which was more common for evening gowns.


Dress Length Guide While most of the dresses on our site include an approximate measurement from shoulder to hem, the following is a general reference for how dresses are designed to hit on the body. Women's Average Dress Lengths: (all measured from shoulder to hem)


Continue reading to discover the best mid-length dresses, midi dress shopping tips and plenty of style tips on how to style and what to wear with a midi dress. The Best Midi Length Dresses. The wonderful thing about midi length dresses is that you can wear them most of the year because of the length.


A long evening dress, dressy suit or formal cocktail-length dress. Get the full scoop on black tie optional weddings. If the invite says "cocktail attire" This is slightly less formal than black tie and black tie optional, which means no tux required for men and no floor-length gown required for women (unless you'd like to wear a long dress).


22 Granny dress. A granny dress is a loose fitting dress with long sleeves. This dress usually has ruffles or flounces and a high collar. 23 Harem dress. This is a full length dress with a flared cut narrowing down to a narrower hem. It is usually made in a flowy fabric. 24 Trumpet dress / Mermaid dress