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Under CA Lemon Law, used car owners who purchased vehicles primarily for “personal, family, or household” purposes are entitled to protection against faulty manufacturing. The Law also covers used vehicles purchased for commercial purposes, so long as said vehicles have a gross weight that’s below 10,000 pounds, and so long as the ...


The California Used Car Lemon Law provides legal protection for anyone that purchases or leases a used car, or any other used vehicle that is still covered by a manufacturer's original factory warranty from being stuck owning a lemon. The Used Car Lemon Law also covers demonstrator (demo) Vehicles, Vehicles previously repurchased under the ...


If your new car is spending more time at the repair shop than it spends with you, you might have a lemon on your hands. Thankfully, the California lemon law is in place to protect consumers facing a sour deal. Generally, the lemon law covers new vehicles with serious defects/malfunctions for a certain amount of time or mileage.


This includes making sure you understand what the California Lemon Law covers, what makes a product a lemon, and your rights when faced with such a product. Do Lemon Laws Apply to Used Cars? The California Lemon Law Statute, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects consumers.


California’s lemon law statute, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects used cars in several different ways. First, all used automobiles that are purchased or leased from a California car dealership during the original manufacturer’s warranty period qualify for protection under the new car lemon law.


The Lemon Law also applies to used vehicles when they are still under a manufacturer’s new car warranty. Any remaining time left on the warranty protects the car’s new owner. Lemon vehicles that are bought back by dealers and then resold must be identified as a “lemon law buyback” and have a “lemon” sticker on their door.


attempts,” California’s Lemon Law Presumption contains guidelines for determining when a “reasonable number” of repair attempts have been made. The California Lemon Law covers the following new and used vehicles sold or leased in California that come with the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty: • Cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.


The California lemon law also covers other motor vehicles that are sold with the manufacturer’s new car warranty. For example, a one-year old used car that is sold with the remaining two year portion of the manufacturer’s three-year new car warranty is thought of as a new motor vehicle under the California lemon law.


Keep in mind, California's Lemon Law does not cover vehicles that don't meet the above criteria. So, if you buy a used vehicle with more than 18,000 miles or that is more than 18 months old and no ...


Used-Car Lemon Laws. The frequency and severity of consumers' used-car problems has led some state legislatures to pass new laws. Currently, though, only six states — Connecticut, Massachusetts ...