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In addition to weakness, peripheral artery disease often causes calf pain when walking — a condition called claudication. This pain typically subsides after a few minutes of rest. PAD symptoms can also include cold lets or feet, shiny leg skin, weak or absent leg pulses and hair loss on the legs. See a doctor if you suspect you might have PAD.


How Anxiety Can Make Your Legs Feel Like Jelly. Medically reviewed by ... Walking gets the blood flowing and it takes your mind off of your legs. It's also a reminder that you have leg strength. Close Your Eyes - If you do have a bit of dizziness leading to your weak leg feeling, close your eyes for a while as long it's safe to do so. Your weak ...


It has happened to most people from time to time, your legs feel heavy and tired when walking and it appears like it takes everything you have to walk. It is normal to feel in this manner periodically after an excellent work out.


My legs feel weak when I walk and also stiff when I sit. I am taking Xanax and Zoloftfor depression . My husband died 9 moths ago and this started along with mild macular in my eyes. This causes me ...


Feeling Weak in the Legs? - continued next page S. A. Helton St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Do you have a hard time getting up from the couch? Do your legs feel rubbery after playing nine holes of golf? There are many reasons that your legs might feel weak or tired, and most of them involve medical conditions and disorders that occur


This symptom is often described as weak legs and arms, weak shaky legs from anxiety, weak shaky legs fibromyalgia, weak legs shaky hands, off balance feeling and weak legs, weak rubber legs, and weak arms and legs. Other descriptions include your legs feel so weak that you think they won't be able to support you.


Arm and leg weakness is something I want to focus on today, though. I feel like the weakness we feel with MS is something hard to explain and I’m interested to see how you all explain it. Weakness and fatigue. While I do have occasional weakness in my arms, weakness in my legs occurs far more frequently.


Difficulty walking and Leg weakness and Walking symptoms (8 causes) Difficulty walking and Leg weakness and Head symptoms (7 causes) Difficulty walking and Leg weakness and Pain (6 causes) Difficulty walking and Leg weakness and MORE SYMPTOMS; Difficulty walking and Leg weakness.


These could be symptoms of peripheral artery disease — a buildup of plaque and blockages in the arteries that restrict the flow of blood to your legs. PAD can cause pain called claudication. Unlike pulling a muscle or spraining an ankle, pain from PAD often goes away when you stop and rest.


Heavy legs are often described as legs that feel weighted, stiff, and tired — as if the legs are hard to lift and move forward. It might almost feel as if you’re dragging around a 5-pound bag ...