The main function of the legislative branch is to make laws. The Congress, which is what the legislative branch in called in the U.S. Government, also declares war, approves presidential appointments, approves treaties a... More »

The legislative branch has various roles in the United States, including drafting and passing bills that become law with presidential approval, rejecting or approving presidential appointments and foreign treaties, repre... More » Government & Politics US Government Branches of Government

The legislative branch of the United States government is composed of the House of Representatives and Senate. There are 100 members of the Senate, two from each state, that are elected by popular vote. Each senator is e... More »

The role of the judicial branch in the U.S. government is to explain laws of the country, determine if laws are constitutional and regulate the federal court system, according to Members of the judicial b... More »

The legislative branch of any government exists to create, amend and repeal laws that provide structure and order to a society. In the United States, it is called the Congress. According to Article 1 of the Constitution,... More »

Judicial review is controversial because an unelected group is charged with interpreting the Constitution and thereby the validity of laws affecting the populous.Judicial review should be void of all political bias, howe... More »

The legislative branch on the local level is the division of government that makes state laws. All states except for one has a bicameral legislature. More »