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Two great recipes for using leftover white rice are fried rice and rice pudding. Each recipe uses between 1 1/2 and 3 cups of cooked rice to make simple, one-pot dishes with little preparation and short cooking times.


Broccoli scalloped potatoes is a leftover ham recipe that combines vegetables, ham, cheese and garlic. Asparagus strata with cheese is another recipe that is great for using leftover ham to make a hearty brunch or breakfast dish.


Leftover ham is used to make Hawaiian quesadillas, fettuccine, broccoli scalloped potatoes and pizza. To make Hawaiian quesadillas with leftover ham, layer ham, crushed pineapple, chopped bell pepper and mozzarella cheese on a tortilla, top with an additional tortilla, and cook over medium-high heat


Creamy vegetable salad and cheesy potato ham crisp are two tasty recipes that are perfect for using up leftover ham. Ham added to potato salad, casseroles, soups, or vegetable omelets is also a delicious and simple way to use up leftovers.


There are many recipes that are great for leftover ham, which is especially good after holiday meals. Some of these recipes include ham and cheese quiche, loaded baked potato casserole and cabonara with asparagus and peas. The preparation and cook time on these recipes varies from a few minutes to m


An easy-to-cook recipe for mashed potatoes can be found on AllRecipes.com. It requires potatoes, milk and butter, as well as salt and pepper to taste.


AllRecipes.com offers an easy chicken soup recipe that uses vegetables and the leftovers from a whole roasted chicken, including the bones, giblets and any leftover meat. Food.com offers a chicken tortilla soup recipe made from leftover chicken.


Yes, canned potatoes are cooked prior to canning and can be eaten straight from the can or heated. A cooking and blanching process is used to kill any bacteria present on the vegetables before they are canned and vacuum sealed.


Use leftover roast beef to make a French dip sandwich. Slice reheated roast beef thinly, and layer on toasted French rolls. You may also add cheese to the sandwiches, and broil briefly until the meat becomes warm and the cheese appears bubbly. Heat a can of beef broth for dipping.


One easy-to-cook recipe that takes around 30 minutes to make is summer corn and tomato pasta from Every Day with Rachael Ray. Another is pork chops with herb-mustard butter from Southern Living, which takes 20 minutes to make.