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This is a list of left-wing rebel groups around the world. These groups are seeking change through armed conflict or illegal protest in opposition to an established government. This list does not contain those legal armed forces in communist states List of active groups. All groups still engaging in armed struggle today. ...


Ideology. Left-wing terrorists have been influenced by various communist and socialist currents, including Marxism. Narodnaya Volya, a 19th-century terrorist group that killed Tsar Alexander II of Russia in 1881 and developed the concept of propaganda by the deed, is a major influence.. According to Sarah Brockhoff, Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks, while left-wing terrorism is ideologically ...


Some left-wing groups in the developing world – such as the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in Mexico, the Abahlali baseMjondolo in South Africa and the Naxalites in India – argue that the First World Left takes a racist and paternalistic attitude towards liberation movements in the Third World. [citation needed] Religion


The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies center around the the rights of individuals vs. the power of the government. Left-wing beliefs are liberal in that they believe society is best served with an expanded role for the government. People on the right believe that the best outcome for society is achieved when individual rights and civil liberties are paramount ...


These are the anarchist cells, affinity groups, student consortiums, left-wing bookstores, propaganda distribution outlets, anti-American websites, hacker collectives, and other leftist groups on the shadowy edge of the worldwide radical movement that sees Trump’s political victory as the main barrier to their goal of fundamentally transforming the world.


Others on the left disagree, saying antifa’s methods harm the fight against right-wing extremism and have allowed Mr. Trump to argue that the two sides are equivalent.


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The British Left is a range of political parties and movements in the United Kingdom.These can take the position of either centre-left, left-wing or far-left.. The largest political party associated with the British Left is the Labour Party, which is also the biggest political party in the UK by membership levels, with over 580,000 members. Labour has 202 seats in the House of Commons, and has ...


The American Left consists of individuals and groups that have sought egalitarian changes in the economic, political, and cultural institutions of the United States. Various subgroups with a national scope are active. Liberals believe equality can be accommodated into existing capitalist structures.


The Socialist Campaign Group, also known as the Campaign Group, officially Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs is a left-wing, democratic socialist grouping of Labour Party Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.. It was formed in December 1982 following the 1981 deputy leadership election when a number of 'soft left' MPs, led by Neil Kinnock, refused to bac...