Left shoulder pain is a possible sign of a heart attack, according to NUY Langone Medical Center. Sometimes the pain is isolated there, and other times it begins in the chest and spreads to the shoulder, explains WebMD. ... More »

Pain in the left shoulder is not a typical sign of a miscarriage, and is not included in the list of miscarriage symptoms reported by Parents Magazine. Signs of a miscarriage may include back pain, loss of pregnancy symp... More »

Pain in the left shoulder and rib cage potentially is caused by physical injury, spleen irritation, ulcers, costochondritis and heart complications, according to MedGuidance. A doctor should be consulted when sharp pains... More »

Five common warning signs of a heart attack include arm or shoulder pain, chest pain or discomfort, weakness or feeling faint, shortness of breath, and jaw or neck pain, according to Healthline. Despite the fact that hea... More »

Angina and heart attack both present with pressure and pain in the chest and pain in the arm, shoulder, neck, back or jaw. Stable angina generally has triggers that are predictable, but unstable angina does not, making d... More »

The cause of arm pain during a heart attack is pain traveling from the heart and chest, which spreads to the arms and other parts of the body, explains WebMD. Pain in the arms and other areas does not always occur when a... More »

Jaw pain may occur in a woman experiencing a heart attack because the nerves in the jaw are located in close proximity to nerves associated with the heart, explains ABC News. If the jaw pain is constant, it is most likel... More »

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