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Cervical lymphadenopathy refers to lymphadenopathy of the cervical lymph nodes (the glands in the neck). The term lymphadenopathy strictly speaking refers to disease of the lymph nodes, though it is often used to describe the enlargement of the lymph nodes. Similarly, the term lymphadenitis refers to inflammation of a lymph node, but often it is used as a synonym of lymphadenopathy.


The cause of lymphadenopathy is often obvious: for example, the child who presents with a sore throat, tender cervical nodes and a positive rapid strep test, or the patient who presents with an ...


What is cervical adenopathy? Cervical Adenopathy is abnormal growth (swollen) of cervical lymph node (gland). Which are located both on top of and under the sternocleidomastoid muscles (SCM) on either side of the neck, from the angle of the jaw to the top of the clavicle. This muscle permits the head to move to the right and left.


Adenopathy is a word used for swelling of the glands, which release chemicals like sweat, tears, and hormones. Adenopathy typically refers to swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy). Lymph nodes ...


Cervical lymphadenopathy: Introduction. Cervical lymphadenopathy: The enlargement of the cervical lymph nodes. See detailed information below for a list of 54 causes of Cervical lymphadenopathy, including diseases and drug side effect causes. » Review Causes of Cervical lymphadenopathy: Causes Causes of Cervical lymphadenopathy: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes ...


Supraclavicular lymphadenopathy Supraclavicular nodes drain the head, neck, arms, superficial thorax, lungs, mediastinum, and abdomen. Left supraclavicular nodes also reflect intra-abdominal ...


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Posterior cervical lymph nodes are a group of glands located behind the neck. Learn about causes & treatment of swollen posterior cervical lymph nodes.


The anterior cervical region continued to stay enlarged and he developed adenopathy on the left anterior cervical side as well as an enlargement in the left supraclavicular area. Pain in the neck. In one study the mean time from beginning of radiographic worsening to beginning of improvement was 7 weeks for pulmonary disease, ...