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The best way to find out whether it’s a good idea to do this is to understand what happens if you leave conditioner in your hair overnight. Here, I’m going to dig out the facts for you so that you can learn some of the science behind what happens to your hair when you leave conditioner in it.


However, there are other practices that can put a hamper on your healthy hair goals. This is the case if you do overnight deep conditioning. It is damaging your hair! Overnight deep conditioning is damaging your hair and you should stop doing it! If this is something you normally do you, read this article and know why you need to stop this.


2) Conditioning for hours at a time causes a a change in the keratin that results in softening and weakening. I started re-thinking my post-wash, deep conditioning habits. Now, though I have pretty much stopped deep conditioning overnight and often only deep condition for 30 minutes to an hour, I still condition for 3-4 hours on occasion.


Deep conditioning is probably the most important step in the hair care routine! Some curly girls even go as far as deep conditioning overnight, hoping it'll do the job better. But should you really be sleeping in your deep conditioner? We break it down in today’s post. Overnight Conditioning: Helpful or Harmful?


Since these conditioners are heavier, you shouldn't leave them in for hours and certainly not overnight. So, how long should you keep a deep conditioner in ? The maximum time is about 30 minutes ...


Don't deep condition overnight or for hours on end. The obvious exception to this rule is treatments like henna, that require hours to take to the hair. But for your everyday run-of-the-mill deep conditioner, it should begin to work instantly, and reach maximum capacity at around the 20 or 30 minute mark.


Hi there, When hair is wet it is more susceptible to breakage. For example, if your hair stretches while it is wet than shrinks back when you let go, it is considered quite healthy. On the other hand when you try this when your hair is all ready d...


Dearest Mr. Bevan, Thank you for the A2A. Image Of Woman Applying Conditioner To Newly Washed Hair - Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights Reserved Yes, it’s safe ...