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Finding that something has been eating your rose leaves is a frustrating experience, leaving you wondering just what it is that's munching on your shrub. The rose genus (Rosa spp.) contains about ...


Rose bushes make an attractive and succulent meal for a range of insects and pests. Their leaves are particularly desired by Japanese beetles, rose slugs and leaf cutter bees, according to Michigan State University, all of which can leave holes and punctures in their wake. While the harvesting activity of these ...


Rose slugs and leafcutter bees cause holes in rose leaves. Rose slugs are found on the undersides of leaves before turning into wasp-like adults. They make windowpane-like damage. Leafcutter bees ...


One of my rose bushes pretty much has no leaves left. What ever is eating it is eating like circles and half circles out of the leaves. I dont want my bush to die what can I do? I have roses on the other side of my porch that nothing is touching. Any tips or ideas on this. I live in Michigan if that helps at all.


The leaves of your rose are being eaten by an insect called a rose slug. It is neither a slug or caterpillar (even though it looks like one), but the larvae of a species of sawfly. Sawfly adults are very small flying insects related to wasps. The larva is small and “slug-like” in appearance.


My roses are being eaten by insects. How can I protect my roses without frequent applications of pesticides? Answer . Insects and mite pests can cause havoc in a rose garden. They can blacken leaves, chew blossoms and leaves, distort blossoms and cause leaves to stipple or yellow. Pests can even make rose canes die back. That’s the bad news.


The key to keeping rose bushes healthy and looking fresh is making sure bugs don't damage the leaves or flowers. Bugs can attack your rose bushes and eat holes through the foliage, leaving you with a dead plant. To keep bugs off the bushes, it's important to inspect them frequently and use various treatments to prevent bugs from eating your roses.


are another common pest of roses. Their damage usually presents as numerous irregular areas near the center of the leaves, or entire leaves eaten. Most of these can be hand picked off and dropped into a bucket of water. Likewise, the use of Bacillus thuringiensis is another nontoxic approach for ...


Several things could be eating your rose leaves. Without a description of the damage it is difficult to pinpoint the culprit. Possible guilty parties include caterpillars (tend to eat from the edges of leaves in), beetles (including "June bugs" and other beetles), leaf cutter bees (cut a half inch round hole in the leaf), leaf cutter ants (strip all the leaves on the bush (look for their...


Have you noticed lacy holes in the leaves of your Roses? These are probably caused by Rose Slugs. These small bugs can destroy, not only the leaves of your roses, but can also kill your entire ...