According to National Geographic, leatherback sea turtles are the largest turtles on Earth, have soft and rubbery shells and thrive in a number of habitats. They live in the frigid waters around Canada and Norway, the te... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Leatherback sea turtles' thick skin acts like a natural armor and is a valuable defense mechanism. However, the turtles' large size is also a deterrent for many predators, as is their ability to quickly swim away from da... More »

The only non-human predator large enough to endanger an adult green sea turtle is the shark. However, hatchlings are vulnerable to crabs, seagulls, sharks, fish and mammals. Despite being endangered, green sea turtles ar... More »

Sea turtles in some form have existed on Earth for as long as 250 million years. Evidence of their existence can be found in fossils from the Jurassic Era. More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

An adult green sea turtle can weigh as much as 300 to 350 pounds, and the leatherback sea turtle can grow up to 1,500 pounds. Green sea turtles are huge animals that can grow as large as 3 to 4 feet in length, while leat... More »

Some distinctive features of sea turtles include their long, sweeping front flippers, beak-like mouths, nonretractable head and large shells. Depending on the type of turtle, the shell may be hard and bumpy or smooth and... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Alligator snapping turtles have spiky shells, scaled tails, spines on their legs and beak-like mouths. These unique features give this reptile a distinctly prehistoric look; it is often called the "dinosaur of the turtle... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles