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What Do Sea Turtles Eat? What a sea turtle eats depends upon the species. Some are omnivores, eating a variety of plants and animals, while the hawksbill and the leatherback are specialists, subsisting primarily of sponges (hawksbills) and jellyfish (leatherbacks).


Leatherback sea turtles eat only jellyfish, and they have to eat their body weight in jellyfish everyday. They are also the largest species of sea turtle meaning that they eat on average 800 to 900 lbs of jellyfish each day. Unfortunately, leatherback sea turtles are already critically endangered. On top of that, plastic bags, balloons and ...


The leatherback turtle population in the Atlantic Ocean ranges across the entire region. They range as far north as the North Sea and to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. Unlike other sea turtles, leatherback feeding areas are in colder waters, where an abundance of their jellyfish prey is found, which broadens their range. However, only a ...


Leatherback turtles are the fourth largest reptile on Earth. They dive to depths of 1200m and are the deepest diving reptile. But what do leatherback turtles eat? The leatherback turtle oesophagus is lined with papillae, sharp, prongs that allow this species to mainly eat jellyfish and other soft-bodied animals.


Hundreds of spines protrude down the throat of a leatherback turtle, allowing it to feed on jellyfish. THE JELLYFISH EATER Inside the gigantic throat of the enormous leatherback sea turtle are 3-inch spines pointing backward to prevent jellyfish from popping out as excess water is expelled.


These two Leatherback Turtles were observed feeding on Moon Jellies approximately 8 nautical miles Southwest of Mexico Beach, FL. It was amazing how they allowed me to swim within 4 feet of them ...


Unfortunately, leatherback sea turtles are so large that they frequently cannot fit through the escape hatch in the net, become entangled, and drown. Habitat of the Leatherback Sea Turtle. Leatherback sea turtles prefer pelagic habitats, which are wide spans of open ocean far from shore.


Box jellyfish are poisonous, but not dangerous, to consume–at least for some marine predators. Sea animals are very intelligent as they start eating the bizarre meal from its head first followed by the delicate tentacles. A leatherback sea turtle is one such animal that often eats box jellyfish very carefully.


Leatherback sea turtles are the only species of sea turtles that does not have a hard shell. Leatherback sea turtles only feed on jellyfish because of their delicate jaws. It is marvelous that this large, active animal can live on a diet of jellyfish, which are made up mostly of water and have a poor source of nutrients.