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Leather is used to make a variety of articles, including footwear, automobile seats, clothing, bags, book bindings, fashion accessories, and furniture. It is produced in a wide variety of types and styles and decorated by a wide range of techniques. The earliest record of leather artifacts dates back to 2200 BC.


Leather 101: The Different Types of Leather ... So I’ve seen lots of leather shops use the term “genuine” in their product descriptions, in an attempt to convey the fact that they are not using faux leather. But that term just ends up scaring people off, even if they have a solid product made with decent leather. ...


Protected leather is the most durable type of leather, and for that reason, it is the most commonly used leather in manufacturing furniture and car upholstery. Protected leather has a polymer surface coating containing pigments, making this the toughest of these three types.


Many special types are used in luxury products from gloves to pocketbooks. Belting leather is heavy and durable and can retain its shape exceptionally well. Napa leather is known for its softness, as is slunk, made from the hide of a calf fetus. Vachetta leather is typically used as trim on handbags.


The Diverse Uses For Different Types of Leather Leather came into existence when Man first discovered that a wide variety of animal hides can be treated through various natural and artificial tanning processes to create a hardy material that is used to cover furniture, for making shoes and clothes, along with many other uses.


Chrome-Free Leather: This type of leather uses aldehyde tanning, which, just like vegetable tanning, does not use chromium. Hence it is called chrome-free. Usually, it is used to make infant shoes and automobile accessories.


An artificial top coat is often used to seal these types of leather, in order to give them an appearance resembling that of top-grain leather, and to protect them from wear. These types of leather are also used to make suede, which is fuzzy and soft on both sides. Other types of leather


Leather types. Leathers are made from the skins of many animals but mainly cattle, goat, sheep and pigskins. Although there is a great variety of leather types, a leather can usually be put into one of three categories :-


There are almost as many kinds of leather as there are animals to murder for it. The skin of some of us animals is soft and thin, especially babies and the skin of unborn fetuses. The best calf skin is made from fetal calves whose mothers are sla...


To do this the leather has to be within a certain range of thickness. And, certain types of leather define the type and quality of the shoe. Lets dig into what leathers are ideal for shoes. Types of Leather Used in Shoes. One of the most preferred leathers for dress/business shoes is calfskin.