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Brushing through a lot of hairspray could cause hair damage. Your hair is essentially locked into place, so using a brush or a comb to brush through with force could cause individual hair shafts ...


Sebastian Shaper is a good hairspray but I cannot stand the smell. I've never understood the following for Elnet either. I don't get the best results and it too smells bad. My favorite is Sexy Hair Soy Touchable hair spray. by Galatina Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 03:08PM Report as inappropriate


When we think of hairspray, the images that come to mind are typically pageant queens sprayed and shellacked into having Texas-sized tresses or flashbacks to 80s-style helmet heads.


This hairspray also made it as the number one hairspray because it is the absolute best when it comes to granting weightlessness; this is the closest you will get to huge hair without it feeling terribly gritty.


In hairspray, though, they are chemically modified to be flexible and fast-drying. Other ingredients include conditioning and neutralizing agents. Generally speaking, most hairsprays will not cause damage. However, some kinds of hairspray can damage your hair. Read the ingredient label before choosing a hairspray.


Non-Damaging Hair Spray? I was wondering if there is a hair spray product out there that holds up your hair for.. I would say.. at least six hours and doesn't damage your hair?!


Hairspray is a cosmetic product designed to hold hair in place. There are many different brands and formulations available, each containing a different blend of ingredients. While more research is needed on the health effects of hairspray, certain ingredients have been linked to adverse health effects in some instances.


Aveda Controlforce Firm Hold Hair Spray This fast-drying, long-lasting mist keeps ponytails, chignons, and buns from budging for hours. A natural corn derivative prevents flaking, and the rose, bergamot, and lavender scent is a plus. To buy: $34, amazon.com.


It doesn't damage your hair or scalp, and the color lasts. The only downside? It doesn't lift, so if you're trying to go way lighter, you'll get brassy results and quicker fading.


Fusion hair extensions – Now we enter the realm of the more troublesome, as far as the least damaging hair extensions go. Fusions need to bond to your hair with a tiny bead of ‘glue’. This can damage the hair in the long run. However, the real damage comes when you need to take them out.