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A basic lease agreement template can be found on the website DCA.GA.gov by searching for "lease agreement" on the site's tool bar and picking the first PDF result. The file is titled "BASIC RENTAL AGREEMENT OR RESIDENTIAL LEASE."


TidyForms.com and WordsTeamplates.org offer a range of different agreement templates. On TidyForms.com, there are templates for a memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure, sublease, offer to purchase real estate, and service agreements. These are all professional templates that are appropriate fo


A lease is a legally binding contract between a lessor and a lessee that gives the lessee right of usage of property legally owned or managed by the lessor for a period at a cost. Lease agreements are governed by the landlord-tenant law.


Common terms found in lease agreements include the terms of the tenancy, fees, deposits, cost of rent, utilities and the current condition of the rental unit, according to Nolo. An individual should read a lease agreement thoroughly and ask any questions that may arise.


According to FindLaw, a standard lease agreement specifies tenant and landlord rights and obligations. Examples of items commonly found on standard lease agreements include a description of the rental unit, names of all parties in the agreement, the day the rent is due and the amount of the security


Several websites such as LegalDocs and Free Legal Forms Online offer free, downloadable lease agreement forms. The documents offered by these websites are customizable and can be printed directly from the website or downloaded in .doc format. Other legal documents offered by these website include as


A free property lease is customized with details unique to the lease agreement, such as the names of the tenants and the landlords, the address of the property and the amount of rent, states About.com. It also includes the date the lease goes into effect and its length.


BizTree.com, RocketLawyer.com and Nolo.com are websites offering lease termination templates. Viewing the samples online is free, but downloading files to personalize and save may involve fees.


Templates for letters of agreement are available on websites such as SampleLettersWorld.com and RocketLawyer.com. SampleLetersWorld provides templates for agreements between individuals and businesses for many situations. RocketLawyer offers templates, expert advice and virtual consultations with at


Employment agreement templates are available at SEQLegal.com and BizTree.com. These templates are in Microsoft Word format and may be edited once they have been downloaded to the user's computer.