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Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, even if they have never learned another language. English and Spanish share the same alphabet, along with several hundred cognates, which are words derived from the same root and have similar meanings spellings and even pronuncia


The numerous free Spanish language learning sites for beginners available on the Internet include Busuu.com, Duolingo.com, the Foreign Services Institute at FSI_Lanauges.Yojik.eu, Livemocha.com and Memrise.com. These sites offer various effective tools for those who wish to start learning Spanish, a


Sites like 123teachme and studyspanish both offer free language learning materials to help beginners learn Spanish. These websites provide students with basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary lessons along with quizzes and practice lessons.


Several companies provide free online resources for beginning French learners, such as the BBC, Duolingo, Rocket Languages, Babbel and Learn French with Alexa, as of 2015. Although these sites provide materials at no cost, some do require users to register.


You can learn Spanish words through word lists on websites that teach Spanish, such as LearnSpanishToday.com, SpanishPod101.com and StudySpanish.com. You can also use an online Spanish dictionary, such as SpanishDict.com, to look up words in Spanish or English.


Major topics covered on beginner Spanish tests include grammar, language function, pronunciation and vocabulary. Grammar is the set of rules that dictate how speakers form words and sentences in all natural languages, while vocabulary refers to the words used on particular occasions and in different


To identify notes, one first learns to identify the musical staff and the two major clefs used. Next, the learner can progress to differentiating actual note values, how they are drawn and connected. After that, the learner can finally begin examining notation illustrating time signature.


The most important French phrases for beginners to learn are "Ça va?" for asking "How are you?" and "Excusez-moi" for "Excuse me." "Je ne comprends pas," meaning, "I don't understand," is another essential phrase for beginners.


The Visual Basic for beginners course includes information about fundamental programming concepts of Visual Basic programming language, how and from where to download and install Visual Studio software, and how to write the first Visual Basic program. It also gives details of elements used in a VB p


Beginners can learn keyboarding using educational websites such as Type.com and LearnTyping.org. These free services offer introductory lessons and games for typists of any skill level.