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Driving Age by State The age at which teens may obtain their learner's permit and the laws about graduated licenses vary by state. So make sure to check on your local laws to find out when your teen can begin driving.


The age to get a Learner Permit is 16 in all states and territories except the ACT where it is 15 and 9 months. When a person is on their learner's permit, they have to log 50–120 hours depending on the state they are in and must obtain at least 10 night hours.


Learner's Permit – Driving Age by State. You will first be granted the privilege of driving on public roads after you earn your learner's permit. A type of temporary license, your learner's permit provides for supervised driving under controlled conditions so that you can gain the experience and knowledge you need to be a safe, responsible ...


Learner's Permit Summary: Information about what you need to get a learner's permit (usually the first step in getting a driver's license) can be found by clicking on your state. If your permit has expired, most states renew learners permits to allow you to continue your requirements.


Learn How to Apply for a Learners Permit. One of the most important learners permit requirements is obtaining the full set of identification paperwork, which will most likely include proofs of identity, birth date, lawful presence, state residency and Social Security status.


Licenses, Permits, & IDs; Learner’s Permits & Driver’s Licenses; Current: Learner’s Permit Learner’s Permit. Learner’s permits allow Indiana residents to practice driving before obtaining a driver’s license. You may obtain a learner's permit if you are at least 15 years old and enrolled in an approved driver education course.


Texas Learners Permit. First time drivers under the age of 25 in the State of Texas are required to obtain a Texas learners permit as part of their Texas drivers ed online training. The process is similar, whether a teen or an adult.


Getting a permit is the first step to get your driver license. Most people apply for a Class 'D - Operator' permit. [fn]There are special requirements to apply for a motorcycle permit/license, a commercial learner permit, a taxi license, or enhanced permit. [/fn] You must be 16 or older and must apply in person at a DMV office.


Your permit is valid for 1 year. You can renew it by visiting an office and paying the renew instruction permit fee. You may renew up to 2 more times with permission from a driver licensing office supervisor. Contact an office for more information. Your Washington permit might not be valid for driving in another state.


If you're a new TN resident with a valid out-of-state learner's permit, you must meet all of the GDL requirements to obtain a TN learner's permit or driver's license. The Tennessee DOS requires you to make the switch within 30 days of moving to Tennessee. To apply for a Tennessee learner's permit, you must be at least 15 years old.