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Nihongo Master, LingQ and Japanese-Lesson.com are free Japanese classes and resources available online. Free materials tend to aim towards beginner and intermediate students. Private online classes with native speakers are also available for per-lesson payments.


Learning Japanese words is primarily a matter of practicing vocabulary repeatedly until the words are memorized. There is a variety of ways to practice Japanese vocabulary that helps with memorization.


There are a number of Japanese language learning apps available for smartphones, including Human Japanese, Japanese Phrases and Start Japanese! Each of these is recommended by the Los Angeles Times and is free to download. They are described as an excellent alternative to other forms of learning, so


Learn how to write your name in Japanese using online resources such as Japanese Name Converter or Your Name in Japanese. These websites translate English names into Katakana, the Japanese phonetic alphabet used to spell out foreign names and words.


According to TakeLessons, the best way to learn the Japanese alphabets is to learn proper pronunciation, create flashcards and study the two primary Japanese alphabets simultaneously. Learning romaji can be helpful for reading certain texts online, and learning kana is essential for getting by in Ja


Learn to type online for free through websites such as Typing.com, Typingclub.com and Learntyping.org. These websites offer free online lessons and tests to help those interested improve their typing skills.


TypingClub.com and LearnTyping.org offer free typing lessons online. The two websites also provide other learning materials, including typing tips and tests, to guide students through the basics of typing.


Websites such as the Learn English Network and TalkEnglish.com allow individuals to learn English online for free. Some websites require users to register before getting started while other sites do not.


The British Broadcasting Corporation offers a range of material appropriate for all levels of learning English. These programs use native English texts, not translated material. They also offer tools for learning the intricacies of English grammar.


Free websites that help people learn English include TalkEnglish.com and LiveMocha.com, as of June 2015. TalkEnglish.com offers lessons that cover reading, speaking and listening. LiveMocha.com provides English exercises and a community of other users to practice with, many of whom speak English.