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Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish dictionaries and references Click on any English or Spanish word from the list to see more detailed translation and definition of that word. Select other reference and look up same word in a different dictionary.


To become fluent in Spanish you will need to learn around 5% of all available words which equates to 10,000 words. We can break this down into smaller steps: Learning just 100 of the most common words will enable you to understand half of the words you can expect to read in a book or online in a blog.


Want to learn Spanish faster? Your best bet is to learn the most common Spanish words that you can use throughout most of your conversations. Even in English, we only use 10-20% of words throughout 80-90% of our everyday conversations (unless you’re having an intense philosophical or business conversation).


The Spanish language lesson offered here is an excerpt from Transparent Language's Spanish software program. The Basic Spanish Phrases and the Spanish Phrases for Meeting and Greeting will lead you to the Spanish Dialog at the end, which shows how these survival phrases are used in conversational Spanish. Single click on the phrase to hear the Spanish pronunciation spoken by a native Spanish ....


Get your Copy of this List (with additional examples!) and a Downloadable Audio File so you can Practice later: Get a Downloadable Audio MP3 (with the pronunciation of each word and examples) and a PDF version of this list of 100 words (with sample sentences) delivered to your inbox as well as additional resources to improve your Spanish.


It’s fun to learn Spanish slang words. Using slang in just the right context can help other native speakers relate to you. Think about this for English. If someone spoke using perfect grammar without any slang words, you’d probably think they’re a robot.


spanish adjective masculine or masculine+feminine plural – spanish adjective feminine plural; If there is only one word in both the singular and plural spaces, it means the word is not gendered, but neutral. Before we get started with the adjectives, consider learning some Spanish verbs as well, with this blog post.


Spanish Word BINGO is a fun educational game for kids to practice Spanish vocabulary words. There are over 200 common Spanish words grouped into 11 different categories. Players can select from as few as two categories or they can select all of them! Players can also choose between Spanish to English or English to Spanish!


A lesson about how to say, 'A', 'AN' and 'SOME,' in Spanish. Masculine and feminine versions for the words 'a' 'an' and 'some' in Spanish. Un animal, un libro, un chico, un perron una casa, una mesa, una manzana, una caja, una hermana, Unos problemas, unos perros, unos libros, unos hombres, unos arbóles, unas casas, unas mesas, unas mujeres, unas ven...


As you can see, learning Spanish fast requires some dedication. But it is possible! The secret is to stay focused on the big-picture techniques that will actually help you learn the language… and speak it! With these 7 tips, I've shared the best ways I know, as a polyglot, to learn a language quickly so that you too can learn Spanish fast.