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The key to learning Spanish or another language quickly is through immersion, and prospective speakers can improve their abilities quickly by visiting a Spanish-speaking area for an extended period of time. Experts estimate that people can gain basic proficiency in weeks and gain a fairly strong gra


Find definitions of Spanish words at dictionary.reverso.net and WordReference.com, or use a smartphone app, such as Bravolol's free Spanish English Dictionary & Translator. Appcrawlr.com features other suitable apps, including free apps for various smartphone types.


Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, Tell Me More, Living Language Platinum and Duolingo are Spanish language-learning software applications. Each software package offers different features and tools for learners of different levels. Each package also offers a different price point.


Word search, Spanish-English Word Match, and Hangman are examples of Spanish games that help you learn English. Learning a language is not limited to studying.


Ways to listen to Spanish words to improve Spanish listening skills include finding Spanish speakers, listening to Spanish podcasts, watching TV and movies in Spanish, and switching all devices to Spanish. It is important to note that Spanish has diverse dialects and accents.


The best programs for learning Spanish at home include Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Pimsleur, Rocket Languages and Living Language. Fluenz can also be a good option for students who want to learn Latin American Spanish.


Some tricks for learning how to count to 100 in Spanish include coming up with mnemonics, using music, listening to accompanying audio and finding a pattern. Learn-Spanish-Help.com, DonQuijote.org and EzineArticles.com are some useful resources for learning to count in Spanish.


Kids can learn basic Spanish online at 123TeachMe.com, Learn4Good.com and FrenchSpanishOnline.com. At 123TeachMe.com, kids can access a click-n-say learning feature for the alphabet, colors and numbers.


Kids can learn Spanish online by utilizing language websites or by finding instructional or educational videos on video platform sites. Some language software programs utilize websites in addition to the CD/DVD content. Some language sites also use mobile applications with built-in lesson plans and


The Spanish word for radio is "la radio." In Spanish, nouns are either masculine or feminine and require the appropriate corresponding article. Radio is a singular feminine noun and requires the use of "la" in front of it.