The chemical formula for lead II nitrate is Pb(NO3)2 or N2O6Pb. Another name for this inorganic compound is lead dinitrate. The molecular weight of lead dinitrate is 331.21 grams per mole. More »

The formula for mercury(II) nitrate is Hg(NO3)2. The formula indicates that the compound contains one atom of mercury, shown by the symbol Hg; two atoms of nitrogen, shown by the symbol N; and six atoms of oxygen, repres... More »

The chemical formula for chromium (II) nitrate is Cr(NO3)2. The chromium (II) ion has a positive charge of two, and each nitrate ion contain a single negative charge; two nitrate ions can bond to form an electrically sta... More »

The chemical formula for mercury (II) oxide is HgO. Also referred to as mercuric oxide, it is solid at room pressure and temperature. There is a rarely found mineralogical form of HgO called montroydite. More »

The formula for lead (II) sulfide is PbS. Lead (II) sulfide is a gray or silver crystalline solid with a molecular weight of 239.266 and a density of 7.57 to 7.59 grams per cubic centimeter. More »

The formula for rubidium nitrate is RbNO3. Each element in the compound is represented by a symbol, while the numbers after each symbol indicate the number of atoms of that element contained in one molecule of rubidium n... More » Science Chemistry Chemical Equations

Chemical Dictionary states that the chemical formula for chromium (III) nitrate nonahydrate is Cr(NO3)3.9H2O. The formula can also be expressed as CrH18N3O18. Chromium nitrate is the chromium salt of nitric acid. The nit... More »