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Although spitting in public is not regulated in most places in the United States, certain jurisdictions have enacted their own laws against this practice. Daytona Beach bans spitting on streets, sidewalks, or in public buildings within city limits, as reported by CityLa...


Spit is a two-player card game requiring a standard 52-card deck. The deck is split evenly between both players, and each makes five "stock" piles of cards. The first pile has one card, the second has two cards, the third pile has three cards, the fourth pile has four c...


In the United States, Intentionally spitting on someone is illegal. While it may not cause physical damage, it meets the requirement threshold for the definition of Battery.


Causes of spitting up blood include gastrointestinal disorders such as mouth ulcers, esophagitis, gingivitis and gastritis and nongastrointestinal conditions such as congestive heart failure, tuberculosis, pneumonia and nose bleeding, according to Healthgrades. Tooth ex...


Spitting on someone is a crime as it is a form of battery, according to FindLaw. Battery occurs when there is a harmful or offensive contact made. To determine if an act falls under the crime of battery, the incident is viewed from the point of an ordinary person.


The best way to stop spitting when talking is to speak slowly, pronouncing each word clearly, according to Simple Remedies. Spitting when talking sometimes is caused when people speak too quickly, upsetting the balance of fluids in the mouth and producing excess saliva.


How to stop spitting behavior depends on the motivation and age of the spitter. Children who spit because they are going through a phase or picking up a habit should be handled differently than children who spit in anger, and adults who spit must address their own motiv...