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In April, a Florida woman who allegedly spit on a police officer was charged with criminal transmission of HIV and jailed, according to CBS Miami. Though the risk of transmitting HIV through biting, spitting or sharing of sex toys is negligible, at least 11 states have laws on the books ...


While there is no doubt that spitting on someone is impolite, you may have wondered whether or not it is an offence. The answer is yes, spitting on someone without consent is an offence because it is classified as a ‘battery’ which means unauthorised touching of another person.


Most people would undoubtedly consider being spit in the face as offensive and harmful; therefore, spitting meets the necessary criteria for qualifying as battery. Is Spitting on Someone a Felony or Misdemeanor in Florida? Under Florida law, a person who spits in another’s face could be prosecuted for committing battery.


Short Criminal Law 101: * In law, battery is the application of direct and intentional physical force to someone else. If i touch you on the shoulder, my action can be held as battery if the act is offensive and harmful to you. * Assault is either...


SPITTING on someone in the UK can be classed as a crime if committed intentionally, and can be classed as common assault. Spitting is defined as battery under the Criminal Justice Act 1988, and ...


Is spitting on someone a criminal offense in ohio - Answered by a verified Criminal Lawyer ... The offense is committed in the presence of any law enforcement officer, firefighter, rescuer, medical person, emergency medical services person, or other authorized person who is engaged in the person’s duties at the scene of a fire, accident ...


I have been charged with assault for spitting on someone. The person making the accusations, has made a false report( her word against mine). The incident occurred at a wal mart, and we got into a heated exchange, then I walked away. She now claims that I spit in her face, which I didn't.


I knew their was a law about spitting on others, on Saturday the 1 st of June my brother in law was spit on the arm by a female after our coed soccer game she wasn't even giving a warning this happened at ISA in Oklahoma City, if it were me female or not I'd bust her mouth and kick her on the knee caps!! just disgusting


Spitting on someone is a crime as it is a form of battery, according to FindLaw. Battery occurs when there is a harmful or offensive contact made. To determine if an act falls under the crime of battery, the incident is viewed from the point of an ordinary person.