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Find lawn mower carburetors and their parts by visiting the manufacturer's website or using a site such as RepairClinic. Simply search for the mower's model or the desired part.


Car backfires through the carburetor are sometimes caused by a lean air/fuel mixture. Backfires may also be caused by a leaking hose, faulty plugs or the brand of fuel being pumped in.


Popular lawn mowers include the GreenWorks 25022, Husqvarna 5521P and Black & Decker MTE912. Other popular top sellers include the Lawn-Boy 17732 and Poulan Pro 961320093.


Start a gas lawnmower by priming the engine and pulling firmly on the starter cord. If the lawnmower has not been used recently, check the gas and oil levels and refill them if necessary.


Almost all rotary lawn mowers are powered by two-cycle engines, four-cycle engines or a system of electric motors. These engines are attached to a number of blades. The engines convert energy into the spinning motion of these blades, which allows them to cut grass and trim lawns in a quick and unifo


It is possible to find the specifications of a lawn mower by looking through the owner or service manual that comes with the product . If the owner or service manuals are lost or not available, customers can visit the manufacturer website and look for the particular lawn mower manual.


As of 2015, a top-rated, walk-behind lawn mower can cost between $300 and $700, according to Popular Mechanics. The top eight walk-behind mowers from most affordable to most expensive are Troy-Bilt TB230, Poulan Pro PR625YRKP, Husqvarna 7021R, Toro 20332, John Deere JS36, Craftsman 37436, Snapper SP


A lawn mower that is easy to turn and move, and provides a quality cut is good for women. Also, a good lawn mower allows women to exercise as they mow.


Engine oil for lawnmowers is recommended based on the average outdoor temperature at the time of use. Colder temperatures turn the oil viscous. For non-freezing weather where the temperature rarely falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 30 or 10W-30 oil is recommended. For colder temperatures, 5W-30


The lawn mower was invented by English engineer Edwin Beard Budding in 1830. He was inspired to develop the lawn mower after seeing a bladed reel at a cloth mill and realizing that it could be adapted for grounds maintenance.