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Some tips for using Scotts Lawn Care include creating a mowing and watering schedule to help improve the condition of a lawn. Preparing for spring by raking up sticks and leaves helps to make the lawn ready for the growing season, notes Scotts.


Low-altitude pikas survive by eating moss, but very few other animals can do so because moss is a very poor-quality food, says National Geographic. Fairfax County Public Schools reports that a few small mites and crustaceans eat moss, but most small animals use it as shelter material rather than foo


To find local lawn care services, search the Better Business Bureau website. The website lists nearby companies that offer these services, as well as showing reviews and complaints. Other sites for businesses with reviews like Yelp are also useful.


Moss mainly grows in shady areas where there is an abundance of moisture. As a general rule, moss mostly grows on the northern side of trees in the northern hemisphere, while it grows mainly on the southern side of trees in the southern hemisphere.


In order for moss to grow, it requires a damp environment or water, humidity, mild sunlight and a soil pH below 6.5. Mosses are flowerless plants that are usually green in color, even though their shades may vary depending on environmental factors.


To ensure a healthy, smooth lawn and easy maintenance, start by analyzing the needs of the yard and then carefully prepare the setting soil. It is also prudent to maintain the grass at an adequate height, water and feed the lawn regularly, and eliminate weeds. Be sure to supply the lawn with suffici


To efficiently water the lawn, measure the amount of water applied and provide enough water to reach the roots of grass and other plants. Avoid watering during the warmest part of the day and at night to ensure that the lawn is resistant to disease.


Moss can be removed from trees and bushes by hand, through power washing or through the application of chemicals, such as copper sulfate or lime sulfur. Chemical control methods are not typically recommended for homeowners because the chemicals used are toxic and corrosive.


Scott's Lawn Care program is a program wherein a Scott's professional lawn expert meets with a homeowner to determine the exact type of fertilizer needed for his lawn for optimum health and growth. The program's purpose is to choose the right type of Scott's fertilizer for various times of the year.


The best fertilizer to use on a lawn depends on a number of factors, including which nutrients, if any, the lawn lacks and the type of grass being used, according to the University of Minnesota. The age of the lawn is another factor to consider.