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Re: Face spitting. Spitting on someone can give rise to criminal or civil charges-or both. If you have a serious contagious disease such as HIV or hep C you may be criminally charged with felonious assault, the sam action can result in a serious civil claim.


Is Spitting on Someone Illegal? punishment for spitting on someone laws on spitting on people law on spitting in face spitting in someone's face illegal spitting in someone's face assault is spitting on someone assault spitting on someone a felony


I knew their was a law about spitting on others, on Saturday the 1 st of June my brother in law was spit on the arm by a female after our coed soccer game she wasn't even giving a warning this happened at ISA in Oklahoma City, if it were me female or not I'd bust her mouth and kick her on the knee caps!! just disgusting


Under Florida law, a person who spits in another’s face could be prosecuted for committing battery. For spitting in another person’s face, the battery is a misdemeanor and could result in probation or imprisonment up to one year. However, it is a separate crime to spit in the face of law enforcement personnel.


Does spitting on someone = assault or other offense? Recently, an acquaintance became angry and spit on my face intentionally in a public place. Due to the history of this person's actions, I would like some recourse. Is purposely spitting on someone a crime? Is it considered assault?


I'm just curious to know what the legal implications are of spitting on a person face. If done in public, therefore in the presence of witnesses, would the person spat on be able to turn to the law in order to seek vengeance. Can one sue perhaps? This could be useful information for anyone thinking of forcibly ejecting saliva on someone in the ...


Is Spitting On Someone An Offence? ... So while not right up there with murder, spitting at someone is against the law as long as you intend to spit at or on another person, or are reckless as to whether your spitting may contact another person. ... One American man spat blood directly in the face of a police officer after stating that he was ...


Spitting in the wrong person's face can lead to the loss of other bodily fluids (blood) and the loss of function of major body parts. Spitting in the face of some people has been known to cause severe injury or even death.


Section 14: Spitting Section 14. Whoever expectorates or spits upon any public sidewalk, or upon any place used exclusively or principally by pedestrians, or, except in receptacles provided for the purpose, in or upon any part of any city or town hall, any court house or court room, any public library or museum, any church or theatre, any lecture or music hall, any mill or factory, any hall of ...


In April, a Florida woman who allegedly spit on a police officer was charged with criminal transmission of HIV and jailed, according to CBS Miami. Though the risk of transmitting HIV through biting, spitting or sharing of sex toys is negligible, at least 11 states have laws on the books ...