Several homemade laundry soap recipes exist; this one uses a bar of Kirk's Coco Castile soap for a dye-free option that is safe for high-efficiency washers. The recipe takes about 15 minutes to assemble and requires Cast... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

Regular liquid dish soap can be used in place of laundry detergent. A much smaller amount of the liquid dish soap is needed for a load of laundry than the recommeneded volume for detergent. More »

Shampoo can be used to hand wash garments, but it should never be used in a washing machine. It causes the machine to overflow with suds and may also ruin the clothes being washed. More »

To make a homemade laundry soap, dissolve a grated zero percent superfatted bar soap into boiling water, dissolve borax and baking soda into the boiling mixture, and further dissolve the mixture into more hot water. It t... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

Biological washing powder is a laundry detergent that uses enzymes to convert tough stains into water-soluble compounds. Most powders contain three types of enzymes: lipases, proteases and amylases. Lipases dismantle oil... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products

Make homemade floor wax remover by mixing ammonia and laundry or dish detergent in warm water, or by mixing white vinegar and warm water. The ammonia solution is best for vinyl and tile floors, while the vinegar solution... More »

Fels-Naptha is a laundry bar manufactured by Purex. It works to remove oily stains, grease, perspiration and ring-around-the-collar. Purex Fels-Naptha has been used in America for more than 100 years. The bar is 5.5 ounc... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Cleaning Products