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Free printable worksheets are templates of various types of worksheets that can be printed free of charge for educational use. Unlimited copies of each printed worksheet is allowed in order for students to fill out by hand while learning about any given topic.


Printable worksheets for children are readily available online and can be found on education websites and blogs featuring educational material for children. Printable worksheets are often free, can be downloaded and printed from a home computer and are available for subjects like math, language arts


A number of online Christian resources provide printable Bible worksheets, including DLTK-Bible.com, TeachSundaySchool.com, FamiliesAlive.org, BibleStoryPrintables.com and TruthforKids.com. DLTK-Bible.com is a parenting blog that offers Bible story worksheets, including vocabulary and spelling lesso


Printable Spanish worksheets are available from online resources such as Education.com, AbcTeach.com and Spanish4Teachers.org. These websites offer printable Spanish worksheets for different categories and learning levels.


Download printable math worksheets from sites such as MathIsFun.com, KidZone.ws, SoftSchools.com, TheTeachersCorner.net and Education.com, as of 2015. Each site includes different sheets that focus on the various grades and education levels, with some offering free worksheets as well as paid options


Latitude is the measure, in degrees, of the distance of a location from the equator, which divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Longitude is the measure, in degrees, of a location from the prime meridian, the starting point from which the time zones are calculated.


The ownership of the rights to printable teacher worksheets depends on who has created the teacher worksheets. If a currently employed teacher has created the worksheet, the rights to that worksheet may belong to the school district where the teacher is employed, according to the National Education


Latitude and longitude are read in both degrees and cardinal ordinates. The latitude and longitude of New York City, for example, is 40.6700° N, 73.9400° W. The 40.67 represents the distance in a northern direction that New York City is from the Earth's equator. The 73.94 represents the distance wes


Printable home budget worksheets are available on several websites, including BudgetWorksheets.org, DollarTimes.com and BetterBudgeting.com. Budget Worksheets and Dollar Times offer customizable sample budgets that you can fill out electronically and print. Download Dollar Times budgets in HTML, Exc


Printable graphing worksheets are available at mathworksheets4kids.com, math-aids.com and math4childrenplus.com. Each of these sites provides single-page graphing worksheets that download as PDF files. The sites also provide answer keys.