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Voters head to the polls in Illinois, Florida and Arizona for the Democratic primary as concerns over the coronavirus outbreak continue to grow. Follow here for the latest results and updates.


The latest, live results from the March 10 Democratic presidential primaries. March 10 Democratic primary live results. March 10, 2020. Live. Just one week after Super Tuesday, voters in six ...


The results arrived after both candidates cancelled election night events in Cleveland because of concerns about the spread of coronavirus. Ohio hosts one of four March 17 primaries. Mar 10, 2020 ...


In the face of a pandemic, the democratic process goes on — at least in three of the four states scheduled to hold primaries on Tuesday. ... March 17 Primary Election Results 2020: Live Updates ...


Democratic Delegate Count Update: Primary Results For Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard By Alexandra Hutzler On 3/11/20 at 11:23 AM EDT Share


Follow the latest coverage, as it happened ... after he dropped out of the Democratic 2020 race and to sow division among progressive candidates ... and claim a narrow win in the Iowa primary - to ...


Find the latest Democratic Primary news on polls, predictions and 2020 Democratic candidates for the US presidential election


Democrats in the House of Representatives will be fighting to defend their new majority in the 2020 election after reclaiming control in 2018 following eight years out of power.


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At a glance: Democratic primary results, state delegate counts. By Joseph Ax, ... In 2016, more than two-thirds of Democratic primary voters in Mississippi were African American.