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Latent learning is learning that is not apparent when a subject is being taught as it manifests at a later date when the learned skills or behavior are needed for a specific situation. When someone drives to work everyday, he or she gains knowledge of the area's roads and businesses along the way. T


A latent function is an unintended or unrecognized consequence of an institution or social phenomenon. Unexpected negative consequences are typically called latent dysfunctions. School, for example, has the explicit, or manifest, function of educating individuals, but a latent function of teaching s


Symptoms of tuberculosis include a loss of appetite, unplanned weight loss, coughing for three or more weeks or chest pain when coughing or breathing, according to Mayo Clinic. Some people with tuberculosis may experience fatigue, chills, fever and night sweats. TB may cause some people to cough up


Tuberculosis, or TB, spreads via contaminated droplets in the air, according to Mayo Clinic. The cause is a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis found in the microscopic, airborne droplets. The sneezes, coughs, spits and laughs of a TB patient can result in the spread of the illness.


Latent functions include anything from using newspaper to start a fire to using a water bottle filled with frozen water as an ice pack. According to the Sociology Guide website, a latent function is any function of an object or service that is not its intended purpose for being created


A TB test is a screening tool that is used to detect tuberculosis in the body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that there are both skin tests and blood tests that can determine if a person has the disease.


Tuberculosis tests are good for up to a year, states WebMD. When someone applies for certain types of positions, such as those within the health care field, the employer may require testing as a condition of hiring, notes Lab Tests Online.


The formula for specific latent heat is the amount of energy released or formed divided by the mass. The formula is notated as L = Q/m, where L is the latent heat, Q is the change in energy in terms of heat, and m is the substance's mass.


Both latent tuberculosis infection and TB disease can be treated, but each requires a different approach. Those people infected with latent TB do not yet show symptoms of sickness, but they carry the TB bacteria in their system. When TB bacteria become active, the sickness progresses to TB disease,


TB is the common name for tuberculosis, a bacterial infection, according to WebMD. The infection usually develops in the lungs; however, it can travel through blood and the lymph nodes to other parts of the body. Most people carry the TB bacterium without developing any symptoms.