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A latching relay is a two-position electrically-actuated switch. It is controlled by two momentary-acting switches or sensors, one that 'sets' the relay, and the other 'resets' the relay. The latching relay maintains its position after the actuating switch has been released, so it performs a basic memory function.


A relay is a type of electromechanical switch used in power supplies, counting systems and many other applications. It is used to control a large current with a small current. Most relays require a small continuous voltage to stay on. A latching relay is different.


This circuit allows an SPST momentary pushbutton to act as a push-on push-off switch, using a DPDT latching (bi-stable) relay. It was originally intended to allow a single pushbutton switch on the dash of a vintage car to provide a latched function. The relay only draws current when it is being ...


The diagram above shows how such a relay can be used to make a latching relay circuit.The circuit has two buttons – one is a push to make which closes when pressed but is otherwise open, and the other is a push to break which opens when pressed but is otherwise closed. When the push to make button is pressed, 12V goes across the coil energising the relay.


I want to make circuit which can working like a Latching Relay which Hold Current using SPDT Relays. So i can use this circuit to Pules ON/OFF switch. Using limit switch when pressed a pulse goes and the circuit ON and if re-pressed the same Limit switch the circuit OFF. Other option Using Two Limit Switch First for ON and Second For OFF.


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A stepping relay is a specialized kind of multi-way latching relay designed for early automatic telephone exchanges. An earth leakage circuit breaker includes a specialized latching relay. Very early computers often stored bits in a magnetically latching relay, such as ferreed or the later remreed in the 1ESS switch.


Latching / Locking Relay Circuit: This circuit will change a 'momentary / pushbutton' switch into a always on switch. If you would like to turn it off, you will need another switch. Other methods of operating can be used - I used an automotive 'Car remote control central door lock...


A relay consists of an electromagnet that receives an electric signal and converts it to a mechanical action and a switch that open and closes the electric circuit. Schematic Diagram Showing the Principle of Relays