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A template for a last will and testament includes sections for distribution of property after death and designates individuals to carry out the terms, according to Rocket Lawyer. The template should also include the individual's name, address and contact information.


An example of a last will and testament should include the name and address of the person making the will and sections for the distribution of assets and property after the death of an individual, Rocket Lawyer explains. The will also designates how the appointed individuals are to carry out the ter


Visiting legal assistance websites such as LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer allow people to create and print customized living will and last will and testament forms for free. These websites customize the forms to conform with the laws in the different states, according to LawDepot.


To obtain a copy of a deceased's persons will, a person can request a copy through the court that is probating the will, About.com reports. Requests can generally be made in person or by mailing or faxing the request in writing. Most courts charge a fee to make photocopies of documents.


Books of the New Testament include the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as the account of the early Church in the Book of Acts. The remainder of the New Testament consists of letters from apostles such as Paul, and closes with the Book of Revelation.


The Old Testament is a collection of 39 books. These books cover the time between the creation of the universe and the time before Jesus' birth. The Old Testament is made up of the Pentateuch, the historical section, the poetic section and the prophetic section.


The New Testament can be purchased online at Amazon.com, Christianbook.com, Allbibles.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Each retailer sells a number of different versions of the New Testament from a wide range of publishers and denominations.


In the Old Testament, God never revealed his face to any man. God himself states in Exodus 33, "No one may see me and live."


Eight known authors and one unknown author contributed to the New Testament. The known authors were Matthew, Luke, Peter, Jude, Mark, John, James and Paul. Religious scholars do not know who wrote the book of Hebrews.


To find and complete a free last will and testament template, go to the Public Legal Forms section of the ILRG website and download the "Free Will Template for Microsoft Word." Next, select a Will form from the ILRG Legal Forms Archive and copy the text into the template downloaded earlier. Enter in