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Liver disease induced by numerous factors is a serious threat to human life. The end-stage liver disease is considered as “terminal phase,” a heavy burden to patients affecting their life and family members as well. Most frequently they need hospitalization where treatment is the only options to improve the quality of the life and prognosis.


Another complication of end-stage liver failure is reduced brain function. This is because toxins (such as ammonia) build up in the blood, causing confusion. The person may be unable to tell night from day. He or she may also display irritability and personality changes, or have memory problems.


My dad's liver disease has gotten worse and it's now the end of his life. What are the symptoms of end stage liver disease? I was told it would be at least a few months, that he would get more and more tired and weak, then stop eating... what about pain?


Posted By: Anonymous; March 21, 2006; 03:38 AM; Hello, I am just trying to find some information on how long a person can live with last stages of liver failure,my brother who is only 41 years old had to be put into a nursing home due to liver failure,some days he seems to being doing better and other days he just wants to sleep,he has been in nursing home for 3 weeks now and I just would like ...


My fiancé has been diagnosed with cirrohsis about 4 weeks ago, the Dr told him at that time he has 4-6 weeks to live, last week his ammonia level was at 60, the lever I understand when liver failure starts, he is skin is very yellow, the past couple of days his behavior has been bizarre, accusing me of things, pushing me away emotionally ...


End stage liver disease life expectancy may not stir within one much hope, since functions of the body start to go haywire from the liver's deterioration. Find out more on what the symptoms are at this point, and what diet is most suitable...


What are the final symptoms in end stage liver failure? ... These last days are very painful for him and we really wish that his pains are reduced during these last days. Request people in this forum who have similar experience with the near and dear ones to pray for him. Vikas Arora. vikas a · 5 years ago . 3.


When liver failure occurs as a result of cirrhosis, it usually means that the liver has been failing gradually for some time, possibly for years. This is called chronic liver failure or End-stage Liver Disease (ESLD). Chronic liver failure can also be caused by malnutrition. More rarely, liver failure can occur suddenly, in as little as 48 hours.


Liver cirrhosis is a disease characterized by liver inflammation, which can have lethal effects on a person’s health. We all know that liver plays a great role in several bodily functions. Victims may have a hard time keeping up with their health as liver functions are brought to a standstill.


Not all patients with liver failure symptoms have this kind of happy ending. Some patients with liver failure symptoms from alcohol can not give up drinking despite warnings from their doctors and die from end stage liver failure. Others are only diagnosed at a very late stage and can not be saved even if they stop drinking.