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Types of Large Dog Breeds with Pictures: 1. Scottish deerhound: As the name tells that they have originated from Scotland and were mainly bred to bring down stags from the Scottish highlands. They are very large in size and became royal breeds over time. Maximum Height of this breed is 75-80cm.


The Irish Wolfhound, which is now more often found as family companion than bane of wolf pack, is described as having "great size and commanding appearance."He is the tallest of dogs, but not the heaviest. When full grown, a male Irish Wolfhound looms over other dogs, standing at least 32 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds.


Some people live by the motto “bigger is better,” and it extends to their dogs, too. Despite their massive size, they’re actually wonderful to live with as most prefer to relax all day and ...


The English Mastiff is the largest dog breed based on its mass. It is the longest and heaviest dog breed in the world, however, it is not the tallest breed in the block. This dog breed has won several world records for its weight and strength. The English Mastiff is believed to have descended from the Alaunt, an extinct dog breed.


9 of the world's largest dog breeds From tallest to heaviest, these are the biggest breeds of dog found around the globe. Jaymi Heimbuch June 18, 2015, 1:38 p.m. Tweet. 2.7K.


Doggiebreeds.com – Extra large dog breeds are the best breed you could ever ask for. You can cuddle with them, relax in the open space with them, and most of the time they are the great guard dogs. They also can be a great kind of family dog.


The 25 Largest, Most Lovable Dog Breeds. These fellas really give you something to hold onto! By Caroline Picard. Jan 5, 2018 Getty Images. ... 31 Cute Pictures of All-Star Dogs.


There are many different types of large dog breeds available in the world. You will find the complete list of large dog breeds with pictures in this website.


5 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds: #1 - German Shepherd. #2 - Golden Retriever. #3 - Rottweiler. #4 - Shorthaired Pointer. #5 - Doberman Pinscher.


Because large dog breeds take up a lot of space, and most have high energy levels, they can be inappropriate for owners who live in apartments. However, there are a few large dog breeds that won’t mind living in a small space and will adapt well to apartment life. A few of the best large dogs for apartments are listed below: Basset Hound