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Cambridge Scale Works offers several types of portable digital scales for industrial use, and Mettler-Toledo International offers portable digital weighing products for a variety of applications. Global Equipment company carries common and specialized portable digital scales, and H & C Weighing Syst


A scale factor represents the ratio of two corresponding lengths in similar geometric shapes. Two shapes must be similar for the scale factor between the two of them to be a relevant ratio. To compute the scale factor, one should divide the length of one shape's side by the corresponding length of t


A 1:32 scale means that the reproduction is 1/32nd of the size of the actual object. For example, a 24-foot long object using the 1:32 scale would be modeled using a 9-inch long replica.


Some of the best large-size portable heaters of 2014 include the Dr. Heater DR986, Lasko 760000 and Vornado AVH2, according to Bestcovery. These heaters are useful for heating living rooms, basements, dining rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms or any other large space.


A portable power pack is a device used to power up AC-, DC- and USB-powered electronic devices such as lamps, phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Individuals use them at home during power outages or carry them along for road trips, camp sites or remote work sites.


Popular large-scale train models include the "Stainz" by LGB, one of the most well-known companies in the industry. Other large scale, or G Gauge, train models available from LGB include the Franzburg Steam Locomotive, the RhB Class GE 4/4 II Electric Locomotive, the SOEG IVk 145 Steam Locomotive, t


Portable air conditioning comes from freestanding units that move from room to room as needed, providing cool air in homes that do not have standard air conditioning. Some units also act as dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.


The 12 major scales are the set of 12 scales that follow the classic diatonic formula. An octave contains seven notes: A through G, as well as five accidentals, or notes between main tones. This means there are twelve tones in all in an octave, and a major scale can be built from any of these tones


Portable showers for the home include the Portable Wheelchair Shower, Portable Bariatric Shower, Portable EMS Shower and Portable Recliner Model Shower. The Portable Wheelchair Shower has a length of 36 inches, a width of 36 inches and a height of 48 inches.


A love scale is a quiz or other series of questions about a person's feelings and opinions on romantic love and relationships, designed to produce a numerical score that can be compared to other scores to determine one's personal approach to romance and compatibility with romantic partners. Quiz que