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Pond fish Albino Catfish. Albino Channel Catfish, also known as Gold Channel Catfish, are yellow skinned, red eyed.Like their cousins they have sharp barbs that can cut if touched. Catfish are a good addition to a pond as they will eat anything that falls to the bottom of the pond helping to keep it clean.


We also have critters like Albino Catfish, Algae Eaters, Bullfrog, Bullfrog Tadpoles, and Turtles. Pond Supplies : With the right pond supplies you can keep your pond in top shape with our array of pond supplies, including pond liners, pumps, filters, water clarifiers, food, chemicals, UV units and more.


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They guys love to eat algae and any leftover food at the bottom of your tank. They grow quite large when fully grown but will take a few years for them to get that size. ... Up for sale is 10 ancistrus claro fry, also known as the gold marble pleco (ancistrus claro LDA-08). ... Beginner Live Aquarium Pleco Fish. Make an Offer. 1/2"-1" Albino ...


Qty. 100 Channel Catfish Up to 2 Inch. Related Items: 25 Channel Catfish Up to 2 Inch 500 Channel Catfish Up to 2 Inch


The Albino Channel Catfish will be shipped at approx. 2″ in length and will grow naturally in the habitat it is released to. With an average weight of 10-15 pounds and length of 17 inches the Channel Cat is a popular choice for stocking ponds and rivers through the Eastern United States. Minimum quantity for “Albino Channel Catfish” is 6


Catfish rank just behind the bass and crappie as a favorite game fish in Texas. Both blue and channel catfish live and breed in deeper water where they can easily hunt and hide. Catfish can weigh over 50lbs, and large adults can achieve over 100lbs. Click here to learn more about our catfish for sale.