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Jun 21, 2011 ... Make-Ahead Frozen Margaritas ... No last minute preparation or blending drinks throughout the party. ... I can fill 6 or 7 jars from one batch.


Apr 24, 2019 ... He gave us a large batch recipe that had 40 limes and multiple cups of sugar and we made it for one of our office parties. It literally made 4 ...


They go down easy — in fact, whenever I make them for a party, I simply cannot keep up with the demand! The trick is to use a good quality, all-natural limeade, ...


Jun 9, 2020 ... Explore tasty cocktails that you can make ahead in large batches to entertain a crowd. From margaritas to sangrias, the recipes are easy to ...


Is there anything better than a big pitcher of Margaritas? I think not! These easy Margaritas for a crowd is made so much better by using @rosescordial.


Jun 8, 2016 ... Mix lime juice, tequila, Triple Sec, simple syrup in a large pitcher; Fill a large shaker with ice (or two smaller ones) and pour margaritas into ...


While I love a good margarita, palomas also rank right up there as one of my favorite ... that way if you do need to make another batch you don't have to go through the ... t...


Summertime calls for margaritas and nobody loves tequila more than I do! Margaritas are the ideal party cocktail and the combinations are endless, trust me I've ...


Mar 5, 2020 ... It's easy to make a large batch with just two ingredients. ... margarita mix for easy to make cocktails for Cinco de Mayo and summer parties.


Apr 20, 2019 ... I love making margaritas for parties because it is so easy to make big a big batch and call it a day versus making guests individual drinks.