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Free landscaping pictures can be found on sites such as HouseLogic (associated with the National Association of Realtors), Architectural Digest and Houzz.com. These sites all offer free landscaping slideshows and information about how to design the perfect backyard space.


Landscaping is the process of improving the look of a particular piece of land by planting shrubbery, flowers, grass and/or trees on it. It sometimes involves changing the contour of the land to make it more appealing or more useful.


Converting the space in the back yard into a series of semi-private outdoor spaces and creating a basic meditation garden are two landscaping ideas that homeowners can achieve without spending a lot of money or investing much time. These ideas also maximize the use of space in a home's lot.


Florida's most popular landscaping plants include silver saw palmetto, wax myrtle, coral honeysuckle and ferns. These plants are hardy and beautiful. Some attract wildlife using colorful flowers and fragrant nectar, while others are prolific climbers or make excellent ground cover.


Some good plants for zone 5 include Jules Verne peony, Strawberries and Cream ribbon grass and Grey Owl juniper. These perennial cultivars offer a variety of plant types for the gardener and thrive in zone 5 with minimal care.


Examples of resources for looking at landscape photos include Dreamstime, National Geographic and personal photography websites from professional photographers, such as BeautifulLandscapePhotography.com and HickerPhoto.com. About.com also features photos of home landscape designs for inspiration.


To find discount landscaping plants, watch for nursery sales, ask for discounts on plants with broken branches, and wait until the end of the season. Some plants, such as lilies, ferns, hostas and columbines, are available in bareroot form in bulk packages at much cheaper rates than potted plants.


Landscaping ideas with plants and shrubs include a decorative walkway, a backyard wildlife habitat and low-maintenance landscapes with evergreen shrubs. Even very small spaces such as courtyards and patios benefit from landscaping with containers and raised beds.


A landscaper is responsible for maintaining the grounds of a property using his or her hands or power tools. He or she performs tasks that include mowing, sod laying, trimming, fertilizing, raking, watering and planting. Additionally, the landscaper is expected to install and maintain sprinklers.


Soil is the foundation for greenery, making it one of the most important and popular landscaping materials. Sand is commonly used as a decorative feature. Plants and trees used in the design determine the type of soil needed.