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This Crosswind Landings Made Easy course is available Online. It also works with the free KING Companion App for iPad and iPhone to download and view lessons while offline. If you would like to try out the KING Companion App, first enroll in Crosswind Landings Made Easy, then click here to download the Companion App.


Landing is one of the most critical phases during a flight. It’s the second thing pilots learn in training after basic flight controls and recovery techniques. I’d love to be able to describe how to make a perfect landing, but the truth is a ‘perfect’ landing, as opposed to a good safe landing, probably doesn’t exist.


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The following article, which is a first installement of a two-part article, describes a simple method for the preliminary design of an airplane of conventional configuration. This method will allow you to design an aircraft relatively easily with just a few sheets of paper, a pencil (and an eraser to make corrections!), plus a $10 calculator.


Instructions to make 3D origami of airplane similar to Airbus A380. It's self standing, made only with a folded paper (triangles). In video I tried to give instructions for every detail. Detailed instructions are in the video, but it's suggested to follow some simple steps for easier assembly.


Modifying and installing E-flite gear in a jet is relatively simple and MAN contributor Ken Park recently accomplished the task for his new Viper Jet. Check it out, it’s easier than you may think. Before you can get in the air, you have to get your jet up on its landing gear.


How to Land a Plane: This is a basic, emergency - only description of how to land an aircraft. You should only do this if there is no other option. However, it could come in handy someday, so read on, and find out how to land a plane yourself.


PC and mobile game about building airplanes. 57 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 BIS ISh FairFireFight 6 days ago