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The Amazon Rainforest is located in a basin. That is the major landform, a basin. Rocks- minimal in that area as it is a basin shape. Soils- Soils of the Amazon Rainforest generally consist of ...


The Amazon River, the second longest river in the world, flows 4,000 miles through nine South American countries. From the snowy peaks of the Peruvian Andes to the tempestuous waters of the ...


Landforms; Research ; Quiz ... The soil that the Amazon River carries and deposits are all 'global values'. Channels. Channels are just simply a body of water that is a deeper part of a waterway. Its the bed of a waterway. Tropical Rainforest Beaches.


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The Amazon rainforest's rainfall per year is between 80 inches of water to about 400 inches of water. the climate of this zone is at an average of 27 degrees Celsius. Some landforms of the amazon include the Andes Mmountains, amazon basin and the Atacama desert.


The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world (the Nile River in Africa is the longest) and is about 4,000 miles (6400 km) long. (In July 2007 a group of scientists reportedly determined that the Amazon River might just be the longest river in the world, taking that title from the Nile River.


The Amazon Rainforest is the ancestral home of 1 million Indians. The Amazon is divided into about 400 tribes, each with it’s own language, culture and territory. The Amazon Rainforest is very important to the South American economy because of the amount of money they earn of the Amazon Rainforest from all the tourists.


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THE AMAZON RAINFOREST is the largest rainforest in the world. It extends for 3,000 mi (4,828 km) from the ANDES mountains to the ATLANTIC OCEAN . The rainforest covers parts of BRAZIL , PERU , ECUADOR , COLOMBIA , BOLIVIA , and VENEZUELA , encompassing over a billion acres and covering one-third of South America.


Landforms in Tropical Rainforests The rainforest biome is marked by the presence of different landforms such as mountains, valleys, rivers, wetlands, etc. These landforms give rise to a complex ecosystem with varied species.