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There are, as of 2015, two ferry boats that cross Lake Michigan from Wisconsin to Michigan. These are the Lake Express and S.S. Badger lines; the former connects Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Muskegeon, Michigan, while the latter operates from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Luding...


Find the schedules for BC Ferries on the BC Ferries website and access them by clicking the Schedules tab on the upper left of the navigation bar. Find various areas the company services on the left side bar. Access the schedules on a computer or on a mobile device.


Lake Michigan has an estimated volume of 1,108 cubic miles or 6 quadrillion gallons of water. It provides over a billion gallons of drinking water a day .


Lake Michigan measures 307 miles in length and is 118 miles wide. At the surface, the water of the lake covers approximately 22,300 square miles and is ringed by a shoreline that measures 1,638 miles in length. The lake's average depth is approximately 279 feet.


Schedules for the ferry between New London, Connecticut, and Orient, Long Island in New York are available on the Cross Sound Ferry website (longislandferry.com); schedules for the ferry between Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Port Jefferson, Long Island are available on t...


As of February 2015, the schedule for the Cross Sound Ferry, which travels between Orient Point, New York and New London, Connecticut, is available on the Cross Sound Ferry website. Travelers can plan their trip and make reservations on the site, or view the departure t...


BC Ferries operates ferries throughout coastal British Columbia, and the schedules for all their routes may be found at BCFerries.com. Other companies provide service from Washington State into British Columbia, such as Victoria Clipper and Black Ball Ferry, and their s...