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Lake Palourde by Cy Provost Lake Palourde, which has a surface area of approximately 17 miles, was named by the early French settlers. It was called "Lac Palourde," which, when translated into English is "Lake Clam." The abundance of clams found along the shore line became a staple in the diet of the early Indian inhabitants.


Nature is filled with an abundance of food sources for whenever you’re in the great outdoors. However, the problem is that there are certain plants or animals that you cannot eat because they aren’t edible or possibly even poisonous. Whenever I camp by a river or lake, aside from fish, I sometimes see freshwater clams.


Are freshwater clams toxic? They can be. The freshwater clams of North America (also called freshwater mussels) are bivalves belonging to the super-family Unionacea. Many different species inhabit Ontario’s lakes and rivers and were eaten for centuries by First Nations peoples, particularly when game was scarce.


Can you eat fresh water clams? Discussion in 'General Bushcraft ... Likes Received: 16 Location: Canadian - eh! Hi There, Just been visiting friends who live near a lake and there are tons of fresh water clams in it. Was wondering if these would be a viable food source? ... Nice to know that they are edible, but will keep them in the "in case ...


Freshwater clams are edible, but their meat generally is tough and tasteless. Moreover, since clams are filter feeders and tend to concentrate and store toxic chemicals in their body tissue, those clams occurring in polluted waters pose a health risk. Unless you are sure the waters are clean, it is best to avoid eating freshwater clams.


The Lake St. Clair Network is a local social network for Lake St.Clair and surrounding waterways such as Detroit River, Clinton River, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. We are the #1 source for Lake St.Clair Fishing Reports, Ice Fishing, Lake St. Clair News, Lake St.Clair Boating, Michigan Fishing and Michigan Hunting.


More commonly known as clams or shellfish, freshwater mussels have been an important source of food, tools, buttons and jewelry. ... A number of Missouri's freshwater mussels are hard to identify. Nevertheless, with a little practice you can learn to identify the more common species near your own home.


The following clam species are protected and may not be harvested. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will inform the public of any changes as they occur. Penalties for taking, possessing, transporting or selling threatened or endangered species are more severe than those of other clam species.


DNR's Center for Aquatic Mollusk Programs (CAMP) is busy re-building populations of threatened and endangered native mussel species. Student intern Emma Ceplecha holds several hundred black sandshell mussels CAMP is growing in Eastside Lake in Austin, for reintroduction into the Cedar River this fall.


Slugs, Snails and Fresh Water Mollusks. by DEANE. in Critter Cuisine. Gourmet apple snails found in the wild. Are Slugs edible? What about Snails? There is only one rule you have to remember: When it comes to land snails, land slugs, and fresh water mollusks you must cook them thoroughly or they can kill you. ... One lake near here, Lake ...