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Technically the correct name of this modification is "a center lip piercing" and "labret" is a piece of jewelry. But many people refer to the location when saying "labret piercing" and not to the jewelry item. A vertical labret piercing is its variation. Labret studs, captive bead rings and circular barbells are used for the labret punctures.


Labrets rings are a fabulous way to show off your lip piercing simply and fashionably. We have a wide range of sizes that begin at a 20g and move up to a 15/16" inch to meet your piercing needs. Our labret studs come in an internally threaded bar and an externally threaded, and threadless bar, which makes switching out the top a breeze.


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Labret is the most popular lip piercing. The correct pronunciation is "La-bret" not "Luh-bray". The root word is Latin labrum which means lip. The -et suffix means "something worn on" So combination of those two creates Labret - Something worn on the lip.


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Whatever lip piercing you have - whether it be a pair of snakebites or the single stud medusa - you've come to the right place to find your lip piercing jewelry needs. If you like rings for your lip piercing style, check out our selection of captive bead rings, horseshoe circular barbells, and lippy loops (perfect for


Don't bother getting the same old hoops or the same old piercing as everyone else. Check out our selection of monroe and labret jewelry for people with lip and facial piercings of the flat-backed variety.


A labret piercing is often thought of like a lip piercing, however, labret piercings are not actually attached to the lip…it is done under the lip just above the chin. It is both a facial and oral piercing and is also called a tongue pillar since it pierces the area horizontally from the back to the front.


The labret was a traditional piercing among the American Northwest Coast Indians, where it was related to status: "access to labrets. After 3,000 BP, a divergence in labret wear in north and south coasts.In the north from 1500 - 3500 BP, more labrets worn by males.


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