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For questions regarding specimen collection tubes not shown here, contact Client Services or your Sales Representative. Note: The Quantiferon-TB Gold collection tube set includes lavender, gray and purple capped tubes that are not listed or indicated on this chart Stopper/Label Color


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Palmetto Health LABORATORY TESTING BLUE PLAIN RED GOLD-SST GREEN PURPLE PINK PURPLE GRAY WHITE mix immediately! mix mix mix immediately! mix immediately! mix!!! **ICE** MIX **ICE**MIX fill tubes completely New* Coagulation: HIT BMP BMP CBC Type & X-match HSV PCR Lactic Acid HIV-Branch DNA

labmed.ucsf.edu/sfghlab/test/pdf/Tube Top Color and Order of Draw Chart.pdf

Printed 10/1/2015 For additional copies, contact SFGH Clinical Laboratory Admin ext. 63495 Rm 2M14 TUBE TOP COLOR AND ORDER OF DRAW – EFFECTIVE July 30, 2015 1. BLOOD CULTURE bottle (room temp.) 8. Ammonia (ice) DARK GREEN top (LITHIUM HEPARIN) plastic non-gel tube Ionized Calcium (not part of blood gas), ... Plastic Tube Color and Order of Draw


Laboratory Specimen Tube Type Collection Chart Draw in the order shown on the chart from left to right order , Label AT THE BEDSIDE, Timely DELIVERY to the LAB Mix all tubes gently 5-10 times by inverting immediately after collection. Color blocks below correspond to patient bedside visual reference used at SPH following mistake proofing.


NOTE: All tubes sterile. Standard order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, red, light blue, SST (Gold), green, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube must be drawn first. Blood Culture Options (Specify Culture Type when Ordering)


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This 11" x 17" wall chart includes information about BD Vacutainer® Venous Blood Collection Tubes, including: closure/stopper, additive, recommended inversions, laboratory use, section for a lab's draw volume and/or remarks.


Use the chart below to quiz yourself on the proper order of draw. Click the “Show/Hide All” button to hide the tube color and descriptions. Then, simply go down the list in order and recite each tube color and its respective description.


TUBES WITH OTHER ADDITIVES Yellow Citrate ACD 8-10 Citrate² 1.800.891.2917 • dlolab.com This chart lists the test code, test name and collection container of the commonly-ordered tests found on the standard DLO lab requistition form. Please note that some tests have special instructions. If you are collecting for one of the thousands of ...