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Your routine lab results can seem downright confusing. Find out what all those numbers really mean. ... Just be aware: Abnormal test results are fairly common, especially among older adults. ... You are leaving AARP.org and going to the website of our trusted provider. The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply.


If you’re like most of my patients, you’ve probably looked over the alphabet soup of acronyms and abbreviations in your blood test results and wondered what it all means. So to empower my readers, here is a simplified guide to understanding your blood test results.


Free interpretation of the Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential, Urinalysis (UA) and other lab tests. Enter your lab test results and and get the result right away. Free Complete Blood Count calculator online.


If you’re waiting for lab test results to come back or you’re trying to figure out what they mean, the process and all those medical terms and numbers can be confusing.


Lab Tests Online is designed to help you, the patient or caregiver, understand the what, why, and how of laboratory testing. To access the primary resources on this website, you can go to the full listings below: Tests Index Conditions Index


How to interpret and understand blood test results? A complete blood count is a test panel that gives complete information about the kinds and numbers of cells found in the blood. Also referred to as blood panel, full blood exam or full blood count, this test is one of the most common laboratory tests requested by medical professionals to make ...


In general, laboratory test results must be interpreted in the context of the overall health of the patient and are considered along with the results of other examinations, tests, and procedures. A doctor who is familiar with a patient's medical history and current situation is the best person to explain test results and what they mean.


Even if you’re a CrossFit champ or a marathon maven, getting a regular checkup just makes sense. What doesn’t always make sense is the baffling list of medical terms on the blood test results ...


Blood test results components. A blood test is typically composed of three main tests: a complete blood count, a metabolic panel and a lipid panel. Each test for different things, which can be understood through a detailed analysis of the results.


Interpretation of laboratory results Printed from acutecaretesting.org. Article January 2010 ... There is not always a clear dividing line between health and disease, but nevertheless a tendency to interpret laboratory test as either health or a disease. So in using reference interval limits there will be some instances that will cause ...