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Although Labradors are a common breed frequently found in animal shelters, silver Labradors are a less common variant, so be prepared to take some time to find one. Silver is a dilute variant of chocolate, so look for listings for chocolate Labs as well as silver ones.


Adopting a puppy shouldn't be taken lightly. You're assuming responsibility for the life of an animal. To adopt a puppy, you need to do some research, follow an application process and prepare your home


Chocolate Labrador puppies available for adoption are listed at TheLabradorClub.com and PetFinder.com. However, even if the puppies themselves are free, the organizations often apply fees for veterinary care and the cost of their operations.


An English lab puppy is a young domesticated dog of the Labrador retriever breed, possessing a stocky build and heavy fur coat. Although Labrador retrievers are commonly divided into two groups, American and English, the two are not recognized as separate breeds.


The standard adoption process for most puppies involves submitting an application, obtaining appropriate veterinary references and allowing a home visit. There is also an adoption fee that varies but is likely to be approximately $250.


PuppyFind.com and PetFinder.com have classified listings for Labrador retriever puppies for sale, but neither website allows users to search by color. PuppyFind.com allows users to specify breed, size, upkeep and purpose. PetFinder.com allows users to search by age, gen...


The biggest thing to consider before adopting a puppy is whether you have the time, energy and patience to provide adequate training and exercise. It is also important to consider whether you can afford routine veterinary care, such as spaying or neutering and vaccinati...