Gold's Gym, Bally Total Fitness and Anytime Fitness all offer free seven-day memberships, while Fitness Works and LA Fitness both offer a free three-day guest pass. Gyms with completely free memberships are more difficul... More »

Receive a seven-day guest pass to LA Fitness by clicking the Guest Pass link on the bottom of and entering the applicable information. Guest passes to the gym are only available for non-members. More »

Individuals interested in a membership at LA Fitness can benefit from using a guest pass by sampling the facilities, equipment and exercise classes for free. A guest pass allows non-members to complete a workout for free... More »

LA Fitness does not offer senior discounts on memberships, as of 2015. Seniors with Healthways Silver Sneakers or Prime Fitness benefits can access participating LA Fitness gyms to engage in special fitness programs. More »

LA Fitness offers guest passes. To obtain a guest pass, visit and click on the Guest Pass icon; search for your nearest LA Fitness location, click on the guest pass symbol for your desired gym and enter you... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

As of 2015, LA Fitness offers guest passes valid for three consecutive days, and entitle the prospective member to bring a friend. Users must redeem passes within 30 days of receiving them via email. More »

Fitness trainers at LA Fitness use the training manual sponsored and supported by the American Council on Education. Many personal trainers employed with LA Fitness are also certified by the ACE as fitness trainers or me... More » Health Fitness & Exercise