To convert between watts to kilowatt-hours, first convert to kilowatts by dividing by 1,000, then multiply by the number of hours that the device is in use. For example, a 60-watt bulb that is on for five hours uses 0.06... More »

Use the following equation to convert kWh to kW: P(kW) equals E(kWh) divided by t(hr). Power is measured by kilo-Watts, while kilo-Watt-hours are a measure of energy. More »

To convert kilojoules to kilowatt-hours, divide the number of kilojoules by 3,600. The result will be the same amount of energy in kilowatt-hours. More »

There are 3.517 kilowatts in a ton of refrigeration, so in order to convert kW to tons, divide the number of kW by 3.517. One ton of refrigeration is approximately 12,000 BTUs, or British thermal units, which is the rati... More »

A formula for converting 76 degrees Fahrenheit to the Celsius scale requires subtracting 32 from the degrees Fahrenheit before dividing by 1.8. In this example, 76 degrees Fahrenheit minus 32 equals 44, and 44 divided by... More »

To convert watts to lumens, first find out the efficacy rating, which is in lumens per watt. The formula for this conversion is lumens = watts x (lumens per watt). More »

In general, watts are calculated by taking the current, in amps, and multiplying by the voltage. AC currents involve additional steps, which may include multiplying by a power factor (for single-phase currents) or multip... More »