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Koi are cold water pond fish, descended from carp. Koi owners may need to bring their prized koi indoors during the winter to prevent death in frozen pond water. Keep koi in large aquariums for a few months at a time. If you live in an apartments, you may have to keep koi in aquariums for their ...


To keep Koi fish in an aquarium, you want to try to replicate their natural environment, just like you would do with any other fish. Koi fish require very clean fast-moving water, highly-oxygenated water, and they need a very large environment. They get very, very large.


To transfer new koi to the aquarium, float them in the water inside their bag for about 10 minutes so they can acclimate to the new water temperature. If you're introducing koi to an existing school in an aquarium or pond, quarantine the new fish in a separate body of water for 2 to 4 weeks to be sure they are healthy.


Koi Fish Care. Koi fish are a group of fish that originated from domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio).Common carp was known for their various colors many centuries ago in their natural habitat in Asia, most notably China.


Outdoor koi ponds are not only the most aesthetically pleasing way to house your fish, but their benefits greatly outnumber other options. However, with careful precaution, koi fish aquariums can be a possibility for temporarily housing baby koi. Here’s some tips on keeping koi in an aquarium!


Goldfish and Koi includes goldfish and koi species. These were the first fish species successfully bred in captivity on a large scale. Goldfish and Koi can grow quite large and their beauty is impressive. Despite popular belief, goldfish do not "grow to the size of their tank."


A peaceful pond stocked with colorful koi brings elegance to a backyard, but those without the outdoor space for koi may want to keep some of these domesticated carp in the living room. Keeping koi in an aquarium requires lots of space per fish, frequent cleaning and adequate filtration.


How to Take Care of Butterfly Koi Fish. The profit of taking care of Koi will be obtained if you have known how to do it. This beautiful small Koi fish are perfect to take care of in aquarium or small pool in your home water park.


How to Raise Koi. Those colorful fish you frequently see in large ponds in Japanese restaurants or shopping areas are becoming increasingly popular. They're often used as the centerpiece of a backyard garden. The brightly-colored fish are...