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When does the koi breeding season start? In South Africa the spawning season generally extends from mid-spring to late summer, with much of the spawning taking place from September to November. By that time of the year, the female fish will be heavy in egg and the males will have developed small, whitish tubercles (nodules) on their pectoral ...


I think it is best to breed your koi in a breeding tank so that you have more baby kois to survive parent koi breeders eat their eggs after spawning, so if you breed them in breeding tanks, you can take them after spawning. Mike Gannon Says: on August 17, 2016 at 11:32 am. Hi Pat, if your pond is deep enough they can stay out all winter, no ...


Posts about koi spawning season written by thepondguy. Q: My koi didn’t spawn last year. How can I get them to spawn? Judy – Springfield, MO. A: Sounds like your koi were being a bit coy last year! If you want your fish to get frisky this spring and produce a brood of colorful fry, break out the bubbly and try out these tips and techniques that will create the perfect mood for love.


How to Breed Koi Fish. Breeding koi can be a lot of fun but is a time-consuming process. To breed koi for a profit, it is important to choose koi that show the physical attributes you are looking for in offspring. Keep the pond clean and...


When is Koi fish 'mating season' ? ... Attachment and having a buddy is something koi can afford to do in the off-season. Sex distinctions are dormant and so it does not matter what sex they would be during mating season. It just does not exist for them outside of that urgent spring period. ... Goldfishn and koi usually breed during the sping ...


At least, not for your pond or water quality if you aren’t actively trying to breed your stock and if you don’t have the facilities set up for it. In most instances, when breeding season happens, the filters in the pond simply can’t handle the amount of biology that happens in such a small amount of time.


When the Koi breeding season commence, the male Koi will develop tubercles on his head and on the first rays of his pectoral fins. In Koi fish, the breeding tubercles will look like small white elevated spots and they can be hard to recognize for the inexperienced Koi keeper.


PREPARATIONS. Breeding season lasts from February through May when water temperatures reach 68˚F and koi reemerge from winter reclusion. However, breeders use tanks for a more controlled environment – a breeding tank and a nursery tank.